Bothy Vineyard has found a way of making corks work harder for the vineyard.  Besides using corks to stopper their own wines, this local vineyard is now collecting its old used corks and passing them onto Recorked UK, a brand new cork-recycling programme that then donates a penny for every cork collected to a local wildlife charity.

Bothy had just become Oxfordshire’s official collection point, sending on some 1800 corks to Recorked UK, only to find that it was the first to do so in the UK.  There is a huge UK demand for this wonderful natural material, which is not currently being met.

Bothy Vineyard, Oxfordshire’s oldest vineyard and winery, has always placed a huge emphasis on sustainable practices – recycling, re-using, energy conservation and wildlife protection.  However this is the first time that a real opportunity had arisen to save corks from landfill.

Sian Liwicki, owner said, “We love corks – they feel good, look good, are biodegradable and naturally allow the wine in the bottle to mature. By using natural corks, though they might cost a bit more, we are supporting the care of wildlife-rich oak forests in Southern Europe. And by recycling corks through Recorked UK, we are able to direct funds to a local charity Wild Oxfordshire.  It is a win-win situation.

“Bothy Vineyard uses high quality “technical corks”.  These are corks have been processed so that there is no chance of cork taint, and we are so proud of the way they look we sell our wine “naked” ie without capsules”.

The response from customers and business partners has been tremendous.  Many have joined in the effort and Bothy is well on its way to collecting the next 1000 corks.

Sanjay Aggarwal from Recorked UK said, “Recorked UK is a social enterprise which strives to serve our natural environment by reusing cork, and not condemning it to landfill. We recycle, remould and re-sell so that we are able to raise funds and donate to various charities, who support people and the environment. We also supply free corks to various charities and schools for use in craft projects”.

Customers will have a rare opportunity to visit Bothy Vineyard from this weekend and bring along their old corks too, as the vineyard will be running opens days each Saturday during English Wine Week.  The Vineyard Open Days, which are free for all, will run on 27 May and 3 June from 11-6, with free tours, plant sales, tastings and a chance to learn all about the wine industry in the UK.

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