In 2016, 3,175 unaccompanied children claimed asylum in the UK. This is a vibrant new play about their experience.

Nina loves adventures. She’s always getting herself into scrapes. It’s lucky she’s quick on her feet. But this adventure is different. This is for real. No room for mistakes.

Join Nina, her big brother Taz, and their annoying neighbour, ‘The Fart Champion’, on this epic journey over land and sea as they seek refuge far from home.

A coming-of-age quest that reminds us that even when things get tough, the most unlikely of friends, a stray dog, and a little bit of imagination can guide you through to safety.

A powerful tale drawing on the real life experiences of young people caught up in the current refugee crisis. Inspired by graphic novels such as Persepolis and Tintin, The Runner is a show about young people, made by young people.

Life will never be quite the same for Nina. But she’s not one to give up. The Runner is a tale of survival in today’s world told with warmth, humour and heart

Thursday 10th – Saturday 12th August
11am Thursday, 11am & 3pm Friday and Saturday
£10/£8 (concessions)
Burton Taylor Studio Theatre, Gloucester St, Oxford OX1 2BN
Box Office: 01865 305305

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