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Things to do for free around Faringdon

Folly Tower Why not take a walk up to see Faringdon Folly (open days see faringdonfolly.org.uk) and wander around the woodland. Can you spot the gun aimed at Faringdon, or Lord Berners up a tree? How many blackbirds can you see up in the trees around the willow pie? And where does the fairly useless Read More

Faringdon Folly

Faringon Folly sits on the top of Folly Hill (also known as Cromwell Battery) and can be climbed on numerous weekends in the year (www.faringdonfolly.org.uk) and each Christmas sports a light that can be seen for miles around. Folly Hill is located East of Faringdon alongside the A420 that runs between Swindon and Oxford. The Read More