The Turrill Christmas/Winter Selling Exhibition this year will have a good range of different styles and materials offered by a great group of small-scale sculptors aimed at an affordable price range for inspired gifts.

Diccon Dadey’s popular metal robin reappears in different guises to keep our Turrill robin company. Ceramics can be found as large pebbles by Harriet Coleridge, pots by Sally Dorrity and animals by Jill Collier and we have two  glass artists to add to the sparkle in winter light; Pam Armitage, and Anne Arlidge. Anne Gingell returns with her strong abstract metal sculpture to use as a focal point in a garden throughout the year which might even inspire new plant combinations for you. Andrew Thompson brings his skill with metal and wry humour.

We continue after Christmas but work bought before for presents can be taken away so that those lucky recipients aren’t disappointed.

For further information visit the Turrill Sculpture Garden webpage

Turrill Sculpture Garden

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