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Cotswold Wildlife Park 2017 Photography Competition Winners Announced

Cotswold Wildlife Park is proud to announce the winners of its 2017 Photography Competition. This year’s theme was ‘Natural Instincts’ and visitors were invited to photograph any creature, great or small, from the collection of over one thousand mammals, birds, reptiles and invertebrates from all over the world. Now in its fifth year, a record Read More

Cotswold Wildlife Park’s first Porcupette twins show off their quills

Cotswold Wildlife Park is celebrating the birth of the first Porcupine twins in the Park’s forty-seven-year history. The as-yet-unnamed and unsexed twins (one pictured left) were born recently to first-time mother Stempu and father Prickle. The newborns are on show in the enclosure they share with a trio of inquisitive Dwarf Mongooses. The twins are Read More

Save our stag beetles

Make your garden a stag beetle sanctuary Mid to late May marks the time of year when stag beetles (Lucanus cervus) are likely to be seen, as warmer evenings draw them above ground to find a mate and reproduce. However, despite being Britain’s largest land beetle, they are also one of Britain’s rarer beetles. Now, Read More